A unique cuisine

Anthony and Fumiko found their personal style by contrasting flavours and interpreting products.It’s a French-Japanese cultural sharing.

Assa cuisine is continually in progress, always with fresh products and a vegetal, wooded and smoked touch.

Natured oriented, the chefs manage to be in symbiosis with local producers by enhancing their products. Their plates are colourful and refined. They play with texture and bold combination.


Anthony Maubert
Creative and modest

Anthony grew up in his grandparents’ farm in Mayenne, surrounded by incredible products. Since his early childhood, his grandfather transmitted him his passion of wooden fire cooking. Anthony became the sixth generation of cook.

Anthony learned from starred gastronomic establishments such as : • Lasserre ** Michelin (Paris 8th)
• Manoir du Lys * Michelin (Bagnoles de l’Orne - Orne)
• La vague d’or *** Michelin (Saint-Tropez – Var)
• Marc Veyrat – L’Auberge de l’Eridan *** Michelin (Veyrier du Lac – Haute Savoie)
• Michel Bras *** Michelin (Laguiole-Aveyron) Then, Anthony had the chance to create his own style. He received his star from the Michelin guide as a leader cook at Barmes de l’Ours .

Today, with his childhood memories, Anthony realizes recipes from his grandfather with a Japanese touch for the pleasure of his guests.

Fumiko Maubert
Curious and demanding

Fumiko was born in Japan, in Hyōgo between Osaka and Kobe, in an area well-known for the sake.Fumiko chose to become a nutritionist and worked as it for few years. In parallel, she developed a passion for cooking and pastry. She decided to go to France to learn the French cuisine.

Fumiko worked for famous starred restaurants in particular: • Lasserre ** Michelin (Paris 8th)
• Le Crillon *Michelin (Paris 8th)
• Michel Bras ***Michelin (Laguiole-Aveyron)
• She also worked with Nicolas Bernadé, best French pastry worker and Bruno Le Derf best French chocolatier worker.

She also worked for prestigious pastry establishments in Japan.

Today, Fumiko enjoys mixing good food and nutrition for the pleasure of her guests.

Our commitment

Local produce

Our producers all live at 20 minutes from the restaurant. They share the respect of their lands and their animals.
We are in a favour of a better way of eating.

A sustainable approach

Concerning our meat, we always buy the entire animal and we use all pieces. Not only the best ones. We would like to share this philosophy with our customers.

We don’t throw any packaging: all our boxes are given back to the producers. Our hens eat the occasional food waste.

We got the green Michelin star which promotes restaurants involved in a sustainable vision of gastronomy.

The restaurant

During your meal, you will be able to see the river Loire and its fauna.

A changing landscape, just as a daily season.

When you arrive in the restaurant hall, you come across a traditional kimono, Fumiko’s wedding gown.

Open kitchen, just like a theatre.

You can see cooks working, they have nothing to hide.

On the contrary, they only cook local ingredients, enlighted by the spectacular flames of the barbecue.